Below are some commonly asked questions.

Will I be allowed to wear shoes inside the houses?
We ask that you follow the rules at each home. Some properties have surfaces that won’t mind you wearing shoes. Other properties will ask you to remove your shoes or put booties over them. Just in case, we recommend you wear something you can easily slip on and off and with socks.

Is photography allowed on the tour?
Again, this is up to each architect and homeowner. Bring a camera, but be ready to keep it turned off at homes that ask you not to take photographs.

I’m getting tired. Can I sit on furniture in the houses?
Please don’t. Respect that each home is the pride and joy of the homeowner. They are opening their doors for all of us to take a peek inside.

Will bathrooms be available at the homes?
Sorry, but no. The bathrooms in most of the tour properties are showpieces. They are meant to be viewed on the tour and not used. If you need to use a facility please do it between stops on the tour.

Do I really have to pick up tickets at one of the will call locations first? Can’t you make an exception for me?
Yes. No.

Are children allowed on the tour?
Certainly. We want to introduce outstanding architecture to everyone. Children are no exception. Parents, please just be aware of where your children are and what they’re touching at all times. Also, babies in strollers can be tough — most properties have stairs and most will be somewhat crowded — getting strollers through could be challenging. We recommend a backpack instead of a stroller for the really little ones.

Are pets allowed on the tour?
We love pets as much as anyone, but please leave them at home for the Tour.

Are food and drink allowed on the tour?
Some of the homes will have snacks or drinks provided. In that case, you are welcome to have them in the house. However, please leave any other food or beverages in your car.

Why are there For Sale homes on the tour? Can’t I just see these at a common open house?
We believe that great Modern architecture is great whether the home happens to be for sale or not. While we do limit the number of “for sale” homes on tours, if the architecture is unique enough, we will include a few. Typically, these are homes where a Real Estate Agent will not hold an “open house,” but are only opened for serious potential buyers.

6 comments on “FAQ
  1. Caren Redish says:

    I am planning on purchasing tickets for the upcoming tour in Chicago. Do I receive my tickets online after paying for them? If not, where do I pick them up.

  2. Nicole says:

    I can’t make this date, do you know if there are additional tours in the future?

    • matt says:

      We will be hosting tours in Chicago in the future as well. You might register for our emails so you can stay in the loop. Thanks! Matt

  3. Jackie says:

    Is this Saturday (6/23) the only day homes will be open to tour in Chicago?

    • matt says:

      Yes. Saturday was the only day for this tour, however we’ll be hosting tours in the future in Chicago. I’d recommend adding your email address to our database so you can stay in the loop. You can do that by clicking on the little “envelope” icon at the top of any page on the site.